We take care of all the glass products which are necessary for the yacht construction.

    Examples are:

    –          Window systems

    –          Wind shields

    –          Door and wall systems

    –          Glass roofs

    –          Glass roof shutteres

    –          Glass floors

    –          Glass balustrades

    –          Glass doors and walls

    –          Glass stairways

    –          Glass products for example bathrooms or relaxrooms.

    –          Interior Glass

    All the glass products can be delivered completely with all the related products, for example RVS.

    Interior Glass


    All kind of interior Glass we can produce and assemble.

    Window systems


    Window systems, complete with RVS or aluminum framework. But also structural glued window systems in only, dubble or even triple glass. The structural glued windows are conducted with black enamelled framework so that the bonding becomes invisible. The window systems are only constructed with approved kit and glue systems so the quality is guaranteed for a longer period.

    Wind shields

    Glazen windschermen

    A wide range of forms of wind shields are possible. Flat and rectangular or curved and round forms are possible. Everything is customized, nothing is the same, wind shields on yachts only made of glass or in combination with aluminum and RVS, special made for you.

    Door and wall systems

    Glazen windschermen

    High-quality door and wall systems in different materials and versions. Revolving, sliding or foldig doors and walls. Everything conform the normal standardizations and fully wind and water proof.

    Glass roofs

    Enjoy the light in your yacht by applying roofs of glass. Glass roofs are made of high-quality types of glass so the social environment in your ship is optimised.

    Glass deck hatches

    Glazen windschermen

    Every deck has its deck hatches. These deckhatches, which are conducted in glass, will give your yacht a great appearance. The right glass for your deck. The colour and appearance fit together.

    Floors of glass

    Betreft hoogwaardig beloopbaar gelaagd glas met composite.

    Walkable floors of glass will give your ship an extra chic appearance which you want.

    Diverse possibilities like floors with led lightning and images or floors which light up when you walk over it. Everything complete with construction technical calculation and test reports.

    Balustrades of glass

    Betreft hoogwaardig beloopbaar gelaagd glas met composite.

    Safety and design are the two components that come together in balustrades of glass. It’s essential that the balustrades match with the safety standards. Maritime Glass stands for safety, and only the highest quality is good enough. Balustrades only of glass or in combination with RVS.

    Glass doors and walls

    Betreft hoogwaardig beloopbaar gelaagd glas met composite.

    Doors and walls of glass for bathrooms or relaxing rooms are welcome (good, nice, beautiful, pleasant etc) supplements for your interior. But also for other chambers/quarters are the doors and walls of glass a delight for the eye.

    A stairway of glass

    Betreft hoogwaardig beloopbaar gelaagd glas met composite.

    The finishing touch on your whole interior is a stairway with glass aspects or a stairway which is fully made of glass. Again, almost everything is possible. We have a great know-how of constructive glass, we have the knowledge of the possibilities which you have. We would like to advise you!


    Wij leveren (en monteren) o.a. de volgende glassoorten: Gehard glas, gelaagd glas, gezeefdrukt glas, geprint glas, glas met leds, glas met Sentry folie, isolatie glas, triple glas, zonwerend glas, energie opwekkend glas, brandwerend glas, kogelwerend glas, geëmailleerd glas, spiegels, gelaagd glas met composite, photovoltaic glas.