Method of working

Preparatory phase

At first Maritime Glass will have an orientated conversation with the customer. In this conversation the employees of Maritime glass will listen mainly. Maritime Glass will listen in peace as good as possible, so it becomes clear what the customer exactly wishes. Usually, these conversations take place with an architect and a yacht builder. If all the wishes and thoughts are clear, Maritime glass will think along with the customer, the wishes will be outlined and at a later date it will be drawn.

If the dimensioning from the yacht builder isn’t digital available, then we are able to measure the measurements also. All our drawings are designed in 3D. We do also work according to the BIM-principle.

Strength calculations and possible inspections

All our products meet the valid requirements and norms. This is shown by standard measurements and by the wanted report. We are also able, if wished or required, to care of the necessary tests.


The production of glass takes place by well-known German and Dutch manufacturers which are doubtless top-notch in the glass and yacht building industry, and they definitely know what they are doing.


During the assembly, all the expertise is coming together. It has to happen on the ship. Therefore, the quality of the assembly is fundamental. Maritime glass is just working with the best craftsmen so the quality of our products is able to be shown perfectly through sublime assembly. Especially the sealing gets all the attention. We work with high-end glue and sealant sorts, wherefore the perfect sealing is guaranteed under all the circumstances.